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Well, here we are at the beginning of another Rotary year with a new Club President….ME!  Oh, my! 
I’m honored to be Point West Rotary’s 2021-22 President and can’t believe my year has started!  Our awesome and committed Club Board are already hard at work, which I’m hugely grateful for.
We have an exciting year ahead of us as we come “out of COVID” and get back to more normal routines.  Routines that will, I’m sure, still be slightly altered, but seeing each other in-person has already been delightful.
The very night I agreed to be President for the club I decided my focus would be community service.  I’m excited it’s the Rotary International theme for 2021-22 as well.  Even during COVID our club members stepped up at every available opportunity and safely provided services where needed…..both through PWR and in their personal lives.  There is no wrong or right to serving others, there is only doing or not doing, right?  Service from the heart is done not always at a planned time, but when it may be inconvenient, or when we are already tired from the many other responsibilities we all have. 
Let’s be our BEST selves, step-up and join each other in community service opportunities this year (and beyond), while enjoying old and new Rotary friends.  Please don’t hesitate to bring friends, so they can see what Rotary is all about and enjoy our camaraderie as well! 
We are family!  Here’s to a healthy, fun and productive 2021 – 22 Rotary year for us all!