PWR Dictionary Chair Mike Garcia with the assistance of PWR Interact Chair Don Rhodes enlisted the talents of the students in the newly formed Encina Interact Club to affix book plates on 50 dictionaries. In turn the high school students delivered the books to the nearby Katherine Johnson Middle School.
Encina High School Interactors affix book plates on dictionaries.
 The following week, PWR club members Mark and Kathy Copeland, Carl Naake, Paul Cunha, Robert Haney, Mike Bede, Richard Price and Mike Garcia distributed 84 dictionaries to the 4 third grade classrooms at Nicholas Elementary School.
4th grade students displaying their new dictionaries.
Another class of 4th graders proudly displaying their dictionaries.
Thanks to Mike Garcia for chairing this event and all the PWR club members who shared their time in putting the smiles on the young impressionable students.